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Do you realise how much your life is going to change in the coming weeks? If you’re even a tiny bit excited right now (and I know you are!) then try to take that feeling and magnify it by, oh – 6 trillion percent.

Seriously, this is going to be something you look back on as a point of transformation. A point when you finally realised that dreams can come true. And that they can come true for you. Now.


Within the next week you’re going to hear from me with instant access to your Dream Life Project bonuses as well as your login details to access the course material when we kick off on July 16.

You should also receive an email today (within 15 minutes usually) officially welcoming you to the program.

Before we do get into Week 1, you’ll be hearing from me a few times actually. I’m going to get you working a little before we start, but mainly?

I’m going to keep you so damn excited and inspired that you’ll be practically begging me to let you see the official content early.

This is about changing your life, remember? In the most incredible rocking way you could never before imagine possible.

something extra special

I have an extra special opportunity. It’s for just 10 women, and it’s going to go quickly.

I don’t know if you know, but my private coaching spaces have been sold out for all of this year so far. I haven’t been taking on new clients for several months.

As part of The Dream Life Project I am opening up just 10 private coaching spaces.

You’ll receive 5 private coaching sessions over phone, starting in Week 1 of the program or sooner if you desire. One each week to drive you to create exactly (and even better than) the life you’ve always dreamed. You’ll have the chance to space the calls out over 10 weeks if that works better for you, or to start at a later date if you prefer.

I will support, teach and butt-kick you in every way that you need it. So that your dream body, biz and life becomes everything you could ever want it to be.

As a private coaching session you will receive several other surprises and bonuses along the way.

results from private coaching

We will work on 1-3 specific goals you’re wanting to achieve; which we will set and fine tune together.

These could be all in one area (i.e. body) or ideally goals relating to different areas of your life. For example, one client wants to work on stopping emotional eating, getting beach confident and fit for summer, and also on working out whether her business idea has any potential to it.

Other goals you might like to work on could be anything to do from finding out what you’re really passionate about or what your purposes in life might be, getting more out of your everyday life; i.e. feeling like you actually love it and are doing things that matter to you, any sort of weight loss or fitness goal, or it could even be creating something from scratch like a book or other business or creative project.

The coaching is designed to catapult your motivation but it’s much more than that. Really what it’s about is getting down to the nitty-gritty of what you want out of life, what matters to you in the 3 areas of body, business (or job satisfaction) and life in general.

As we figure that out and go deeper into it we then set or re-set your goals and I give you specific tools, ideas, actions to take and support all along the way.

So that your coaching is not only something enjoyable and highly inspiring but also something that does, in fact, change your life.

If you have any questions about this please send me an email, at

your private coaching investment

Normally, I charge $500 per consult for coaching.

So, 5 sessions would be $2500.

Join my top 10 now and pay just $1197, less than half price. This is a one-time offer for members of the Dream Life Project Bootcamp, and once the 10 spaces are gone, that’s it.

You’ll also receive your Dream Life Project for free. So actually I’ll give you the coaching for $1097 not $1197, since you’ve already paid your $99. I like 7′s which is why I’m rounding it down an extra dollar :)

This will go fast. If you’ve thought about one day working with me one on one, or seen the results I get with others and would like something similar in your own life, and if you’d like to have me personally guide you to achieve your big goals, this is the perfect time to start. You won’t find a better offer!

Read these inspiring stories from women who have worked with me and been able to transform their body, biz and life.

These are fantastically motivating women to hear from – they too had a dream or sometimes even no dream but just a sense that they wanted more.

If they can do it, you can too.




Thank you so much for the difference you have made to my life.

As you know I have been struggling with my health (Adrenal Fatigue, etc). I have not worked for the last 6 months, getting out of bed has been a challenge, I have been sleeping during the day, I was extremely stressed and had no energy (or motivation) for exercise. Also in the past I have done a lot of different exercise programs and worked really hard but never got the results I wanted.

Then… I met you. Everything you say makes sense and I can see not only in your own physic and life, but in all of your clients that what you teach really works. You gave me a simple program that I could do at home (so I didn’t need to leave the house) and use my own body weight. I have had so many people tell me I have lost weight (which I haven’t), but clearly my body has changed shaped. I feel alive for the first time and have a new level of confidence that I had lost when I lost my health. So many great things are happening in my life – who would have thought by getting the right advice from the right person could make such a difference.

What inspired and motivated me to take action was your amazing experience and seeing how you live your life. I’ve been really enjoying your newsletters where you have been vunerable and really shared the shifts you’ve made in your own life. You inspired me and gave me hope again, that I too could finally have the body and life I’ve always wanted – at 40!!

Kat, you walk your talk, you have massive integrity and the value you provide is incredible.

Thank you for the gift that you are to the world and I look forward to updating you with my ongoing transformation.

Jo Harrison, Woman Incredible reader

Hi Kat,

really getting some great info on ‘telling it like it is’ from you. Seriously there is a lot of rubbish people like to spin you…I have really enjoyed reading your posts and for the first time in a very long time are starting to like my body again after years of pre/post comp days. I have got the IQSugar 8 week plan and have dropped the low fat food for more nutritional foods that you have posted up today. Thankyou so much for being ‘there’ for me. You have no idea how you have changed my outlook.

Trudi Schoch, Woman Incredible blog reader


Hi Kat,

I just want to thank you for your mentoring and support over the last couple of years. I look at how my business has developed and snowball into what it is today and I know that meeting with you has been a huge factor in this. On both a personal and business prospective you taught me to expect more from myself while also using techniques that taught me not too hard on myself at the same time.

Your overall knowledge is outstanding and I thank you for sharing this with me.

Amanda Brown, The Queen of Lean

Kat Loterzo has been the trainer who taught me how to lose 18kg (so far) in a safe and lasting way!

Kat inspired me to be a better woman by saying “YES” to myself and putting ME at the top of my priority list.

By following Kat’s advice, I felt I had all the tools to reach my dream of being a healthy, fit, and energetic mother rather than stay a tired, overweight excuse-maker!

When I exercise, it’s as if I can hear Kat’s voice encouraging me to push through and work that bit harder to achieve more. When I’m planning or preparing meals, I think of Kat’s nutritional plan and how to make my meals Kat-approved! Now I’ve learned to listen to my body and can tell almost immediately when I’ve eaten something that doesn’t make me FEEL my best!

Kat has been an amazing resource on my journey who is a wealth of knowledge on ways to help women achieve their dreams.

For that, I am eternally grateful!

Katrina Tuscano, Mum to 4 children under 7

Kat has been so inspirational, helping us in the early stages of our business, helping us take the leap to making the changes needed to follow our dreams. As a direct result of working with Kat we were able to triple our income in less than 12 weeks! – Thanks Kat!

Larissa Watt and Lana Chapman, Assassin Personal Training



Hey Kat!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to express my gratitude for all the knowledge and inspiration you’ve given me over the years.

I’ve been thinking about what started this journey off for me…and it was an appointment I had with you 5 years ago to do my Metabolic Typing . Sure, I was already on the journey of healthy living and had been influenced by my mum to live more ‘holistically’, but if it wasn’t for my friend in HK who suggested I look into MT for my digestive issues, which led to finding you, which led to doing my PT course, which led to being your apprentice at FF, I wouldn’t be where I am today…and for that I am extremely grateful and appreciative.

You have motivated me to become a personal trainer, mentored me to have a successful business and inspired me to start my own lifestyle blog and dig deep and ask myself what it really is that I want out of life. I feel very privileged to have you in my life as an ongoing mentor and a close friend .

Elizabeth Codringto, Life with Elizabeth Rose

Kat constantly amazes me by seeing what she wants to be or achieve and sets about making it happen.

I was most inspired recently by her passion for what she’s building now with The Dream Life Project. Her energy is contagious and challenging all at once. However it’s not just her strength and success that but her honesty about the darker things she’s dealt with makes her message real for everyone.

For me personally my health and fitness were a big limiting factor in living my dream life and Kat’s resources have helped me have find energy to build my dream life and strength to do the work that dream building takes.

Hayley Williams, mother to two young children

Most mornings I have to pinch myself when I wake up, to make sure I’m not still dreaming. When I think back to how my life was several years ago, I would have never imagined it like this!

Back then I was overweight, in a dead end job that I hated and living far beyond my means; fast forward to now and I’ve lost more than half my body weight, quit my job & work for myself, from home, in an inner city apartment. I eat out at fancy restaurants, I go on holidays and I’m excited by what could happen each day!

At the start of my journey, I didn’t even know what I wanted, I knew what I was living wasn’t it though! Not long after that I stumbled across one of Kat’s blogs, I subscribed to her regular emails & became part of her community, not realising that she would be providing me with regular inspiration & often the slap in the face I needed to get up and do something.

I might be living my dream life now, but I’m not done yet – I still want more!

Malisa Celeste, The Invisible Assistant and Kat’s PA!

I read Kat’s posts religiously as she inspires me to believe and achieve every single day.

Kat makes me perceive that I am the one who controls my own life and by believing in myself I can achieve every goal I set for myself and create the best life I can live.

I have had the worst year of my life due to personal dilemmas yet Kat motivates me every day to get up and believe in myself and that things can get better and will!!!

I now live my life according to my dreams and focus on what I can change rather than dwell on what I can’t.

Her writing has impacted me both mentally and physically. Her quote “anything is achievable it’s just whether you’re willing to take the leap of faith ...” is exactly what I am doing every day thanks to Kat. Kat, what you do for us women is amazing and you are equally a strong woman and fantastic mother!! And like I have said, we are blessed to have you part of our family xxx

Paulette Lo-Terzo, mother to two young children and my sister-in-law!

I have been friends with Kat for over 14 years and over those years she has always managed to inspire me as I have watched her over the years, chase her dreams and achieve so much, never giving up. She is a great friend, and always there to inspire or help out.

Beck Wheatley, mother to two young children



Kat is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She completely changed my outlook on life and how I should look after myself. I now train, eat and life live in a way that makes me truly grateful for who I am. I treat my body like a temple and I reap the rewards from it everyday. Thanks a million Kat :)

Kelly Frangeskakis, private client



Kat is such a force of nature who inspires and helps everyone in her path. She is always able to renew my faith in myself and in what I can achieve. Everyday I am closer to living my dream – the mindset, the body and the business just by following Kat’s advice. Kat practices what she preaches and is a living example of how easy it is (with the right mindset and instructions) to change everything that we want to change and be everything we want to be. She is my mentor and I don’t know where I’d be without her!

Jessica Gregory, Senior Super Admin


Hi Kat,

I am just writing to let you know how much inspiration I draw from you every day. Receiving your mentoring emails and reading your blogs always gives me so much information that is relevant to my journey of striving towards a fit, sculpted, lean, strong and healthy body.

What I have come to realise thru you sharing all of your knowledge and passion so freely and honestly with everyone, is that my journey is so much more than a physical one. I consciously look at my mental health and strive to make steps each and every day to improve some aspect of myself. I have learnt from you that it is not about “perfection”, but about progression. Realising this has helped me to understand that everyday is not going to be perfect, but each and everyday that I make the best choices possible is a win. Balance in ALL aspects is the key.

I absolutely love your workouts as they are challenging and have great variety, so I am never bored or stagnant with my training and I can fit them into my busy lifestyle with ease and see results from my efforts…….I am also heading towards my goal of doing unassisted chin ups, thanks to your encouragement and belief that it is something that ALL women can do.

You know Kat, I think the greatest thing is that I know you have walked in my shoes. You have experienced the highs and lows of striving for a “certain” physic and battled your demons and achieved the balance that is needed for it not to be an obsession. On my challenging days and moments I draw strength from knowing that I am not alone, but that I have someone that I can lean on and learn from to make my journey not so bumpy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. You are helping me realise that I can achieve all of my dreams in a healthy, happy, balanced way and have fun doing it without being obsessed and this is a great thing. You give so honestly and passionately and I only wish that many, many more woman can connect with you, learn from you and grow with you. Thanks again, you truly are my inspiration.

Lisa Quine, Woman Incredible reader and VIP member

I first heard about Kat through an article that she wrote for ‘Oxygen’ magazine. What she wrote was so well written, informative and intriguing that I looked up her ‘Woman Incredible’ website and ever since have become a dedicated follower of both her blog and facebook page updates.

My initial interest was drawn through Kat’s extensive knowledge of all things to do with health, fitness, nutrition and getting in shape. I quickly became addicted to her great blog posts / updates and learnt so much through them. However, what has been most valuable to me is something I didn’t consciously go in search of and that is the prompt to inwardly reflect and review my true goals and drivers in life.

Kat’s recent blog posts have been eerily timely causing me to challenge my priorities and then think about whether the actions and habits I put my energy into really support those priorities. A bit of life housekeeping you could call it, and by doing that I’ve realised that a lot of where I put my time and energy serves no purpose to what is truly important to me. Kat made me revisit my goals and dreams. We often cruise through life thinking that because like is ‘ok’ we should be grateful and not dare to dream for it to be ‘awesome’, that by doing so we are perhaps tempting fate to take away the ‘ok’ and leave us worse off. I know that’s the rut I’d gotten into until I started truly reflecting on Kat’s recent posts. Kat challenged this way of thinking and gave a different more enlightened perspective that we all deserve everything we dream off and to go out there and grab it.

Kat is heart wrenchingly honest with her words and advice which is what I found forms such a strong connection with her readership. Even though I live in a different country I would read Kat’s words and find benefit in them like she’d given me a pep talk over coffee which shows the talent with which she crafts her words. Kat openly shares her knowledge and experiences, her passions and her strengths; however, she also is not afraid to share her weaknesses and past mistakes too. This to me displays humility and that she is human and in many ways no different to me or anyone else reading / listening to her. What does set Kat apart is her willingness to put it out there, bare her soul and share those learnings so they can benefit and inspire others to live the life they dreamt off but also to feel they are worthy of those dreams.

Lotty Turnidge, Mum and blog owner at Eat, Sweat, Think

don’t miss out

This will go fast. If you’ve thought about one day working with me one on one, or seen the results I get with others and would like something similar in your own life, and if you’d like to have me personally guide you to achieve your big goals, this is the perfect time to start. You won’t find a better offer!

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